English As A Second Language

Dissimilarities between languages impede communication for employees who grew up speaking a language other than English. This can damage what would otherwise be productive relationships. This one-day course will help fill gaps in communication skills though instruction and exercises. This course is written for people with intermediate competency in English as their second language. Clear intent and meaning while speaking, listening, reading and writing will be covered

What Will Students Learn?

  • Acknowledge existing skills in the areas of Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.
  • Recognize gaps in skills compared to workplace communication needs.
  • Understand cultural and workplace influences on communication and how to function within them.
  • Learn and practice effective skills for oral and written Communication, including technical forms such as email and videoconferencing.
  • Develop an individual Action Plan for continued skill reinforcement and growth.

What Topics are Covered?

  • Self-Awareness – Skills of Self and Others Marijuana
  • Words and Positive Workplace Culture
  • Productive Conversations
  • Telephone/Videoconferencing
  • Wordsmith’s Toolbox
  • Putting Words to Work
  • Individual Action Planning